Playground Fun| Blk 129 Stratmore Avenue

This mint condition playground is located between a park connector and a block of flats making this one of the quietest playgrounds. 

It is so nicely hidden that you’ll probably miss it unless you take walks along the park connector.

Z and I had a good time running around, playing chase and trying out different methods of climbing. He even did a poo at the park and I had no issues changing him without anyone seeing. šŸ¤£ 

Because of its location, I highly recommend parents to bring along their kids in the day. 

Condition: 8/10

Suitable For ages: 5-12years old 

Playground Fun| West Coast ParkĀ 

This has to be one of my favourite places to bring Z. This place is timeless. Not only does it covers any age group, it’s also a convenient place to grab a quick bite.

They have also included a new playground which is pretty useful for kids around Z’s age. Yes! That piano works. Kids can press the keys and the different notes will be played.

His sand toys got a bit of breather and his trucks were especially useful to trade with other kids. 

In the last couple of weeks, Z also learnt how to trade toys with other kids and ask for theirs. 

With KM mugging now for his MBA, you’ll expect more of these visits to the playgrounds. 

Playground Fun | 2 Bukit Merah View

Spent our New Year’s Eve at the fire station. This is our second visit to a fire station and the first to Alexandra Fire Station. Save this for another post.

We decided to take a short walk home, and we dropped by this playground.

It’s a pretty decent one I must say. 2 slides 2 flights of stairs and a climbing wall. It’s probably everything you need to drain a kid’s energy.

Suitable for age: 5-12 years

Location: Outside Blk 2 Bukit Merah View, near the ABC market

Condition: 8/10

Playground Fun – West Coast ParkĀ 

We are really blessed to live near Tiong Bahru Park where it has a huge sand playground and the playground is built like a train.

I wanted to bring Z to explore other playgrounds in Singapore especially those in the shape of vehicles.

We explored the West Coast Park and I must say, there’s something here for everyone! Kids of all ages would absolutely love this place.

Bumped into an old Friend of mine and we both agree this place is awesome. Zion started with the fire truck playground.

We brought his fireman hat so he could be part of the whole experience.

Climbed on the Viking playground.

Look at the huge space!

Spider nets for older kidnap

Balancing beams

This kid refused to climb until I did it and he wanted to be part of the adventure.

We are in love with this Park and your should too.

West Coast Park is located right behind McDonalds.

Playground Fun | Stratmore Road

Near: Blk 60

Suitable for: 2-5 years old and 6- 13 years old

Condition: 9/10

We went on a playground exploration today! This was actually the 2nd playground that we went to but something really cool!

This playground has 2 areas:
Near Blk 60 Stratmore Road

1) Suitable for 2-5 years old
Near Blk 60 Stratmore Road
Near Blk 60 Stratmore Road

It has a swing, loads of running space and the usual rocking equipment. 

2) Suitable for 6-12 years old
Near Blk 60 Stratmore Road
Near Blk 60 Stratmore Road
Near Blk 60 Stratmore Road

This one is really cool. It has a makeshift rock climbing wall. The slide is huge! It has a makeshift hammock underneath the playground.

Pretty cool obstacle courses! So it’s a must visit for parents with older kids.

Really felt like these kids were training for army or something.