Lunch Box 

We've been upgrading Zion from straw bottles to cap bottles. KM have been practising it with him.  I constantly struggle with his straw bottles. The gross black spots that I find surrounding the caps, the straws with suspicious black stains that can't be removed. We recently changed the straws of his Munchkin bottles but the [...]


Lunch Box 

It's so hard to get Z to finish his veggies lately since he outsmart 'my hiding veggies in a mouthful' technique.  But this was a hit of late.  Ingredients: grilled chicken breasts (seasoned with Japanese soya sauce)  Canned corn (steam it together with rice and edamame) Frozen edamame  Grilled tomatoes (grill it together with the [...]

Lunch Box

I haven't done this series for a while. But ever since I got married and became a momma, I'm a lot more determine to make my own meals. Cooking requires practice after all and I would love to make yummy dishes for my 2 favorite boys. Fish and chips with a twist. KM bought some [...]

My colourful fried quinoa

 Wanted to try quinoa for the first time. It's a good substitute for rice without the carbs. This guy here is packed with protein. The texture? It feels like popping bubble wrap in your mouth. Ingredients:French beansYellow bell peppersCarrotsEggsChicken thigh fillet GarlicFry this like you'd fry a regular fried rice but replace it with quinoa. Tastes yum! 

Breakfast for winners

I'm starting my clean eating regime this week. Helps that my cold doesn't particular make me crave for much. This is one of the regular favourites that I've noticed. 1) strawberries: load up on antioxidants and it builds one's immune system. 2) blueberries: great for your eyes, reduces belly fat (Yes! Now go and eat [...]