Playground Fun – Tampines Central 8

We paid a visit to my Godsis over the weekend. She just completed a minor surgery and I decided to make some fishball soup noodles for her.

Location: Behind Block 520A

Suitable : 2- 5 years old

Condition: 9/10

What we love about Central8 is the new facilities. Not only it’s clean, the slides are relatively new and it’s partially shaded. On a hot day, Z could still enjoy the playground much to his delight.

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Swim for Free

KM and I decided that Z should venture to the public pool after he turned one. We decided to put in some effort too to take him every Saturday morning (if possible).
Our little boy is all dressed up in his swimsuit. We travelled to Delta swimming complex for my first time!

While we’re on our way, KM reminded me that we have $100 active sg credit which gives us free access to swimming pools for a while!

So I signed up for it. To be honest, it’s a bit of hassle to do that but hey, free credits do require some work and we were going to bring him to the pool anyway.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the ActiveSG app on iTunes or Andriod store.
  2. Sign in through your contact no. or Facebook or email address
  3. Verify your account with your Singpass
  4. Select the tickets that you are purchasing. (Public Pools/ Featured Pools)
  5. Select the eWallet and utilise your $100 from the government to make payment.


Enjoy your swim! Make use of your ActiveSG credits before they expire.


Busy Bags for Busy Mommies

I was very privileged to be part of this little group of mommies. A friend of mine invited me to participate in this busy bag.

What is a busy bag?
Personally, it felt like Christmas! What we did was to make little bags keep our little ones occupied when we’re on the go.

You can google ‘busy bags’ and look for items that are more age appropriate for your child.

  1. Top left-hand side: I bought alphabets for the little ones and cut out coloured cards so the child can match the colours to the cards. Alternatively, as the child get older, he/she can also start to spell with the alphabets.
  2. Top middle: Fruits galore! Another Momma wanted our kids to explore fruits in greater detail and he/she can stick those fruits on the felt sheet.
  3. Top right-hand side: Felt with bells. Our kiddos can tie these felt belts around their little wrists and make bangles. The bells too helped the little ones get excited when it rings.
  4. Bottom left-hand side: Match the ice-cream sticks to the colour pouches. Z loved this!
  5. Bottom right-hand side: Using the little toy car, our kids can trace the alphabets in the photo album

I had so much doing this up with the other mummies. Can’t wait for the next swap bag!

What we’re reading

In this update of What we’re reading, Z was very excited about books where he can recognise and ‘read’ some of the pictures he sees.

So he chose this one.




Words by Ladybird books. Some of the objects that he can ‘read’ out includes, ‘car’, ‘ball’, ‘mao’ = cat, ‘woah’ = dog.

What we're reading

The textures are always the plus points. He loves to feel and touch.

What we're reading

Take a look, Bunny!
Instead of a flip-out book, this one slides out. The child can pull out the side of the book.


What we're reading


What we're reading

He loved this one too. But it would probably be shredded into pieces if I continue letting him read by himself.

What we’re readingĀ 

Flapped books are the in-thing now for Z. At 15 months, he gets really excited to open up the flaps of the books and point what’s inside.

These books don’t come cheap and the novelty of it dies after a while, so I strongly recommend you borrow them.

What we're reading

This one has all the farm animals you can think off and those especially familiar to Z. E.g. Cows, sheep, chicken, pig
What we're reading

Being a boyish boy, he’s really into transportation. So cars are his thing. This book is awesome because it shows the different types of transportation including hot air balloons, rockets, spaceships etc. The die cut section of the book also made it more fun for little hands to run through.

More flip books! Z enjoyed this one quite a fair bit because it covered quite a few zoo animals. For each page, it described the unique point of each animal. E.g. Giraffes are tall, elephants are heavy. And towards the end, the zoo offered to give the author a dog. And Z could recognize the ‘woah woah’ so he’ll gladly say it.

What we’re reading

Zion is really into reading these days. For my sanity sake, I decided to get him more books. But I soon realise that, he doesn’t like every book. So I settled with library books.

Besides, library time seemed to give either KM or myself some extra ‘me’ time when one of use take him out.

Here are some of the books that Z loves.
What we're reading

Max’s bear

What I loved about this book is that it’s has one sentence per page so we get to flip pages pretty often and it tells a simple story.

What we're reading

Baby Bear says Thank You

Zion has been learning his Ps & Qs. ‘Thank you’ is when he nods his head to acknowledge. And this book helps him practice it. Each page, Baby bear request for something from his mama and he say ‘thank you’. Zion loves to follow the book and acknowledge it accordingly.

We have more books to share with you guys. So stay tune.