Lunch Box 

It's so hard to get Z to finish his veggies lately since he outsmart 'my hiding veggies in a mouthful' technique.  But this was a hit of late.  Ingredients: grilled chicken breasts (seasoned with Japanese soya sauce)  Canned corn (steam it together with rice and edamame) Frozen edamame  Grilled tomatoes (grill it together with the … Continue reading Lunch Box 


Nature Care – Paw Paw Balm

I never knew the wonders of this balm. But I stumbled upon this at the local Woolworths during our trip in Perth.  Recently, I have this horrible lip crack in the middle of my lower lip. It was especially painful when I wake up in the morning in our air conditioned room. I tried different … Continue reading Nature Care – Paw Paw Balm

3rd trimester part 3

The third trimester is the longest trimester but also the most amazing. I literally get to feel minimoh's movements everyday. In fact, we've experienced a couple of interesting stuff together. Just this week, I felt minimoh's hiccups before i managed to fall asleep. My little boy had to deal with his hiccups and try to … Continue reading 3rd trimester part 3