Nature Care – Paw Paw Balm

I never knew the wonders of this balm. But I stumbled upon this at the local Woolworths during our trip in Perth. 

Recently, I have this horrible lip crack in the middle of my lower lip. It was especially painful when I wake up in the morning in our air conditioned room. I tried different lip balms and it doesn’t seemed to help.

So I saw this tube on my dresser and decided to give it a shot.  After 3 days, the crack doesn’t hurt anymore. My lips are plushed! 

This is really quite a good tube. I highly recommend this. 


In the midst of my baby’s nap, pumping excess milk and battling with my postpartum hives, I decided to write this post. Thinking back, 2014 has been the most eventful year for me and the year that I saw God’s goodness in my life.

January – A month full of pre-wedding prep, we decided to plan a budget wedding. So we cut and saved whatever we could. I started to live in our new home though the husband isn’t moving in till we got married. We had a couple living with us as housemates so we could save the extra rent money.

February – OUR BIG DAY! Finally, the day has arrived and gone. We managed to clear 50% of our debts with our ang bao money! When we only expected to clear 25%! Thank God! We set off to our budget honeymoon at Boracay and enjoyed a short getaway. Little did we know, this honeymoon gave us Zion.

March – KM’s birthday! This year, we had a simple celebration with his family, I got him a macaron tower, built by my sister’s skillful hands.

April – We found out that we’re pregnant! After a week of guessing and predicting, we finally decided to take the pregnancy test kit twice to confirm. Just as a new life begins, another one is gone. This month, I also mourned the lost of a good friend, who perished in a motor bike accident. Someone who finally got a break in life just lost his. I knew then, life is so precious. Take nothing for granted.

May – Was uneventful. But baby started to grow and I entered into my second trimester. Yay! to no more morning sickness. I finally announced that I’m pregnant, a no-no in my first trimester.  I started to have my energy back and things at work got a little busier.

June – The ZOO! Fortunately, KM’s company’s family day is at the zoo! I’ve been dying to visit the river safari. It was super fun looking the red pandas, pandas and sea cows. Weee..

July – Was the start of my internship at a large MNC tech company. By chance and by God’s grace, I managed to have the opportunity to participate at this programme.

August – I continued my internship and made friends with a couple of interns. Time passes really quickly and I snug into my 3rd trimester. I had a larger appetite and I was constantly craving for different types of food. The good news is, it never happens at night so I managed to get what I want whenever I want it.

September- Birthday month. This year, KM brought me to Pasarbella. But i was too engross in buying new clothes and random stuff for minimoh. He got a little bit annoyed but I guess, it’s every momma’s excitement that they can’t contain.

October – We were just anticipating when baby will arrive. At the same time, KM had to worry about going to work in Nov and going overseas when I’m almost due. Lucky for us, minimoh waited.

November – Relaxing month. My gynae gave me a month’s MC to rest and recuperate for the upcoming PUSH! Everyday, we’re guessing when and how minimoh will arrive. I guess, he only decided to come out when he was evicted. I was induced on my due date. Lo and behold, he arrived within a short period of time and I didn’t have to experience long excruciating pain. Thanks baby!

December – A month of thanksgiving. We are surviving the first month with minimoh. So much to learn, so little time. Every day is a new challenge. Just when we thought we got the hang of it, he changed further. This month, KM and I also managed to clear our debts and hospital bill! Woohoo. Thank God, we didn’t need to pay too much for minimoh’s hospital bills. This past couple of weeks, I’m also battling with a nasty case of hives (I never had them before i got pregnant) and I’m beginning to think that I’m allergic to confinement food. heh.

This is my year in summary. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful and fruitful year. God has been good to our family and He grew it from glory to glory.

I look forward to 2015! New adventures with a little one and I’m pretty sure our lives will never be the same.

3rd trimester part 3


The third trimester is the longest trimester but also the most amazing. I literally get to feel minimoh’s movements everyday. In fact, we’ve experienced a couple of interesting stuff together. Just this week, I felt minimoh’s hiccups before i managed to fall asleep. My little boy had to deal with his hiccups and try to get to bed. Nonetheless, its just too cute.

KM and I finally gave in and bought a bookshelf like thingy for the little one. We’ve been blessed with clothes, shoes and other stuff for nursing and cleaning him up. So blessed that our wardrobe is jammed packed and we had no choice but to buy him his own cupboard.

I am currently feeling quite tired now daily and I do struggle trying to concentrate at work. KM and I have washed all the baby necessities. (e.g. towels, bed sheets, clothes) with baby washing detergent. This range of detergent are gentler on the baby’s skin. Will share more of my Amazon baby haul soon!

In the meantime, KM and I have been busy cleaning the house, packing the hospital bag and washing minimoh’s laundry. Will share more in the next few posts.

Kuala Lumpur in 24 hours

I finally decided to drop by KL to visit one of my closest girlfriend, Lin. It was 24 hours of movie marathon, good food and good fun. Nothing too hectic for the pregnant lady here. 

We started off visiting a local coffee shop at Bangsar. Shared some dishes including dried pan mee, soup pan mee and their local pork noodles. I have to say, the dried pan mee was the bomb! KM absolutely loved it. He was one happy boy when we left the coffee shop. No complete meal can go without some nice sweet dessert. So we did. We had a gorgeous meringue pie and a unique twist to a tiramisu. ❤ it

For dinner, we decided to head out to try their local Lor See Fun.


It’s lao su fen cooked in dark soya sauce and minced pork, throw in a raw egg and mixed it all together. It’s a pretty interesting twist for a singaporean. But i have to add that this dish is a little too salty for me. I wanted to have satay but i was too bloated from eating.


The next day, Lin and her bf made us breakfast. Boiled eggs with dark soya sauce, garlic toast and some steamed corn. We spent the morning lazing around her apartment, playing with her black guinea pig, Hercules. 

2014-08-24 12.15.37

Hercules seemed a little more sociable in the morning. We bribed him with some of our corn and vegetables and he allowed us to pet him a little. 

His story:

Lin’s colleagues needed a rat for a shoot. But it was kinda gross to use a real rat on a model so they bought the darkest looking guinea pig, which kinda resembles a rat. No one was willing to take him home so Lin did (she’s a pet lover and she basically believes in adopt don’t buy). Hercules has been her pet since then. 

Lunch time came and they brought us to have Bah Kut Teh! This long awaited dish has been on the top of my priority this trip! We had the chance to try the dry bah kut teh! It tastes really good!!! Someone please bring it to Singapore. 

2014-08-24 14.49.03


We ended our trip with another pastry stop at the airport. Check these out man! So yummy, so fat. 

2014-08-24 20.08.11 2014-08-24 20.08.23

We had a blast and yea, we’re exhausted by the time we head back home. Well, i don’t think i’m traveling anytime soon till #minimoh is out. 🙂 

2nd trimester part 2



I’m 23 weeks 6 days pregnant today! So last night, we finally met up with my gynae. Its my fault to be honest. Doc had to change one appointment and I changed the next 3. 😦 due to my work commitments and my internship at another company.

#fun fact: at 24 weeks, a baby can survive outside of his/her mother’s womb with alot of medical attention.

Good news is… all is good!  In the last detailed scan, usually done in week 20-21. It also checks my placenta, blood flow to minimoh and his size. Despite my small built and ‘almost invisible tummy’ to some of my friends, he is of average weight. (Basically, things you want to hear as a pregnant mum is ‘normal’, ‘average’ and even ‘unexciting’)

My gynae reiterated that minimoh is definitely a boy. He showed us his tiny ‘manhood’ between his little thighs, he explained that minimoh is in a breech position. (means his head is upwards, this boy is definitely not coming out anytime soon)

I’ve been feeling his movements even more often than before which is still pretty awesome and we’ve noticed in scans that he really enjoys punching my belly. (i dreamt that he had his first yard fight when he was pretty young. I’m quite sure that will happen now. :S)

On the bright side, we’ve been really blessed! Some of our friends/ ex colleagues, decided to pass us some hand me downs! The list includes:

  • baby clothes
  • baby carrier
  • breast pumps
  • additional baby cot for my inlaws place
  • baby bath tub

Woohoo.. at the rate, we’re almost ready for minimoh!

Current weight: 53kg

Pre-pregnancy weight: 49kg

Minimoh’s weight: 800g


Stretch marks

Stretch marks are one of the most awful things left behind after pregnancy.

What are Stretch marks?

They are a form of scarring on the skin after your skin is stretched for an extended period of time. Besides pregnancy, people often get stretch marks when they’ve lost lots of weight and have their skin stretched. (Well, you get drift) I’m not going to upload photos of stretched marks here. Its really quite disturbing.

Recently, a gf of mine was sharing with me the other day that her friend who just gave birth refuse to let her see her belly just because her stretch marks got really bad.


Hence, I’m sharing 2 of my favourite products right now that are extremely popular among new mummies and basically anyone who struggles with stretch marks.

Bio-oil can be bought at any major pharmacies. It’s really affordable and cost only $15.50 for 60ml. Trust me, I’ve been using it religiously and it looked like it hardly moved. But being extremely determined to be a hot mama, I’ve also invested in Clarin’s Stretch mark control cream. I’ve heard raving reviews from every pregnant woman I knew. It’s less affordable than Bio oil, costs about $85 for 200ml.

How should I use it?

Application should start the moment, mummies to be enter into the 2nd trimester. That’s when you start expanding rapidly. (I’ll share about that soon)

It should be used twice a day. Same for both products. Once each time after you shower. Apply on tummy areas (for mummies to be) and your thighs, buttocks and another gf of mine was telling me to apply some on my boobs too.

Right now, I’m using both products at the same time. One for the mornings and one at night before bedtime. It can be used all the way till your baby is out. If there are some signs of stretch marks, these products should minimise it further. (so the idea here, is keep using it)


I think Bio oil can be absorbed easily on your skin. Though its oil based, it honestly doesn’t feel as gross as I thought it will. It does have a smell though. But it wasn’t as bad as Cocca Butter (im just not used to the smell)

Clarins is really light and easy to apply. It doesn’t feel sticky. In fact, I’m quite happy that I bought it though, feeling a lot more assured after the end of my pregnancy.


Lazy women like myself, would take a while to get used to this routine, considering that I have more fabrics to wear now. But better now than regret in future.

we went to the zoo, zoo, zoo

I was really stoked to hear that KM’s company’s family day would be at the ZOO! i know, im acting like a little child. But its always fun to have KM around when we see animals or the aquarium. He’s more learned in these areas as compared to me and would often tell me facts about them. (something I find really fascinated with)

We took a cab down on Saturday to the zoo and it started to pour when i was having my 2nd breakfast. (yea, you read that right.) I love breakfasts these days and I can’t do without one or two breakfasts. Since it was raining heavily, KM and i decided to head over to the River safari first.

Boy! I’m impressed with what they did with the place! Following a very simple tour, we covered the major rivers in the world and the animals living in them. Obviously, the highlight was the Yangtze River, where we dropped by to see Jia Jia and Kai Kai, our 2 pandas from China.

Pity, Jia Jia preferred to hide indoors and Kai Kai was happily snoozing in the cool morning.


I didn’t think he noticed our presence.



Lucky for us, the red pandas came out to play! KM and i were super thrilled to see them prancing around, showing off and posing for our cameras. They seemed to enjoy the attention. If you’d like to watch a short video of them, you can check out my instagram account@leedear.

The visit to the River Safari cannot be complete without our Jia Jia and Kai Kai baos.



They’re pretty alright. But for the fun and novelty of it, KM was willing to humour me to buy a pair of these. We headed over to the zoo once we’re done with the River Safari. His company held a simple lucky draw and some fan fare. Honestly, i had a good laugh with all the stage games. We had our lunch provided by his company and head back to the River safari to take the boat ride. The boat ride was pretty good. We had the opportunity to go up close to the animals (except for the jaguar. I’m quite sure you wouldn’t want to be that close either). But it was a little too fast! We couldn’t see the animals longer and we’re unable to take pictures quick enough. Note: if you’re looking to take the boat ride, its always better to purchase your tickets in the morning to avoid any disappointments.


After the boat ride, we went back to the zoo. KM was raving about the polar bear and his new home. Yea, KM had the opportunity to visit the zoo and the river safari before I did.  We checked out our favourites including the giraffe (i have a fascination for it), the rhinos were pretty happy too and content (our zoo just had a new addition! and she was galloping around the pen, getting the adults to play with her), the hippos (dont seem to smell as bad as i remember), white tigers etc.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Yea. Polar bear was asleep! Gosh. He was in such deep sleep. Dreaming while he moves his huge paws up and down. The new enclosure is a lot bigger than what i recall as a child. It’s new and clean with plenty of room for a single polar bear.

KM and i were exhausted by the time we saw most of the animals. We’re pretty happy that we managed to spend some time together alone since he’s been busy travelling this month. Speaking of which, he’s away again this week. So I’ll update my next visit to the gynae here soon.