Nature Care – Paw Paw Balm

I never knew the wonders of this balm. But I stumbled upon this at the local Woolworths during our trip in Perth. 

Recently, I have this horrible lip crack in the middle of my lower lip. It was especially painful when I wake up in the morning in our air conditioned room. I tried different lip balms and it doesn’t seemed to help.

So I saw this tube on my dresser and decided to give it a shot.  After 3 days, the crack doesn’t hurt anymore. My lips are plushed! 

This is really quite a good tube. I highly recommend this. 

NYX Matt lippie

I don’t recall reviewing this product but I’m almost through this lippie and I LOVE IT!

Matt lippies have a nasty reputation for being too dry on the lips. Cracking our lips and making it look like dried up ‘kuehs’.

This baby here is nothing like that. It gives a smooth Matt finish, not dry and my favourite part, it’s a drugstore brand.

Check out how it looks towards the end of the day.

I highly recommend this. 🙂

E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit



I blogged about it quite a while back. I honestly felt it was a pretty product. The packaging is handy, the cream on the left hand side works and the powder has a light finish. Perhaps, the light finish was what frustrated me. I’ve been trying to use this product to replace my existing brow pencil. But it’s so frustrating when my brows are not arched cleanly which is probably what you need when you fill your brows.

This product can only be used with a pencil rather than itself.

With that, I give it a 4/10.

Missha Line Products

I saw this on series of products at a Korean vlog. I can’t resist it. I’m not a huge fan of Line but these cute products are to die for. 

I bought:

Eyeshadow stick: it has 2 Colours (1 lighter which is for the inner eye and top of the eye lid), (1 darker colour which highlights the corner of the eye to add depth)

For beauty noobs like me, this eyeshadow stick is so easy to use and really forgiving for people who can blend very well. The applicator which is a sponge brush, is pretty easy to apply. I use it on daily basis especially when I have an important meeting that day. What it does, is it accentuates your eyes and brightens it. 

Cons of this product is the amount! It looks like it’s going to run out soon 😦 

Lip tint: for your lips. Instead of a lipstick or lip gloss, this lip tint is a life saver for moms like me. 

It’s easy to use and it looks really natural on your lips. On top of that, there’s no transfer especially when you need to kiss your little one which is what I do multiple times before Z gets to school. 

Cons of this tint is the strange bitter taste when I apply it on my lips. 

Micellar Water Review

beauty noob

If you haven’t heard of this, you’re not the first. I’m never a big fan of oil based makeup remover so I’ve been looking water-based makeup remover.  The first time I saw this product was when I watched Click Network’s tried and tested. Micellar water has been around for years but it was only raved about by makeup artist because it isn’t oil based, making it easier to correct your makeup.

The micellar water is suppose to remove makeup so well that you don’t need to use an additional cleanser on top of it. But I’m just really used to using a cleanser so it doesnt apply to me.

The first micellar water brand made it big here is Bioderma. It cleans well and I use it all the time to correct my makeup (especially those smudges). Plus, there is a strange smell. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I find that smell annoying. A 250ml bottle cost about S$26 which in my opinion is a bit too expensive for a makeup remover. Then, Garnier came up with their micellar water. It works just as well as the Bioderma and it costs $15.90 for a 400ml bottle! Which is very price friendly.

I strongly recommend the Garnier micellar water. Not only does it removes makeup pretty well, it also leaves a clean feeling and no strange smell with it.


Mary Kay Cleansing Brush

I for one am not a big fan of expensive cleansing tools. In fact, I’ve used really cheap facial foams for the longest time. But lately, I’ve been watching videos from Pony . I love her makeup videos and the way she talks about why she use the different methods of application. Personally, she’s a funnier version of Michelle Phan.

She shared about Clarisonic brush which most of my friends raved about. It cleanses all the impurities (especially if you regularly put on makeup), leaving your skin squeaky clean. But it costs close to $300 for a brand new set.

I saw this Mary Kay one my sister’s place. She raved about how awesome it is since her sister-in- law recommended it. In case you didn’t know, Mary Kay is a Multi-Level Marketing company. Those who know me would know how much I dislike such companies. I’ve always felt that they are a bunch of brainwashing nonsense. But since no one is pushy, I decided to just try out this product.

I wanted a cleansing brush for my body. Yes, you heard that right. I wanted it for my body and face. I’ve suffered from back acne before and it’s gross! If not, worst than facial acne. Recently, I started to use hair mask for my hair and it leaves an oily effect on my back.

There are 2 brush heads that come with the brushes. One pink and another white. The white one is for weekly usage and the pink one is for daily use. I accidentally used the white one and BOOM! my face was lightened after one use! KM saw the significant change. I also used the brush for my back (I know its a bit a gross but i really needed it). My back was squeaky clean. 😀

The best part about this product, it’s only $79 SGD. 1/3 the price of a Clarisonic.





L’oreal Miss Manga Mascara

I love trying makeup products. There are a couple of makeup ‘staples’ that I use everyday and these include:

  • BB/ CC cream
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyelid tape
  • Mascara

Mascara was a recent addition ever since KM encouraged me to find my eyelashes. And I did my first eyelash perming in June and I absolutely loved it! Will go for that again if time permits.

I read a couple of reviews online and it doesn’t seemed to be very popular with most people. 

It’s a 7/10 for me. Why?


  1. the mascara formula is surprisingly light. Yes, by light i mean, it doesn’t clump up my tiny eyelashes. 
  2. The brush feels more like a comb then a brush. So it actually coats the eyelashes evenly and neatly. It doesn’t feel like the usual type of brushes.
  3. Waterproof. I can’t afford non waterproof mascara in our humid weather. I’ll probably look like a panda by the end of the day.


  1. It’s doesn’t lengthen my eyelashes. So it’s good for people who have relatively longer eyelashes. 
  2. It’s not cheap. Cost about $21.90. The only reason why I bought it was because Watsons has a ‘Buy 1 and 2nd item is 50% off’ 

What say you? Any ladies tried this mascara?