Welcome Tiger

KM and I have always wanted a pet for Z. And adoption is a key component. We wanted to adopt a pet rather than buy one from the pet shops. 

Since January this year, Z and I also developed a routine to feed the cats in our neighbourhood. Z was just intrigued by them and we befriended the local cat feeders. 

So it was no surprise when one of the cat feeders asked us if we’d like to adopt a kitten that was loitering around. And it’s a little bit hard to say ‘no’ when we saw him. 

So we welcomed Tiger into our family and he’s been Z’s good friend since then. Z would ask for him when we get home, he would ask for him when he wakes up and these 2 have been inseparable since. 

Z begin to realise that he needs to share our attention with Tiger and he started to learn what it means to have another family member. 

And I have to add, I no longer have to look at cute cat videos when I can just watch them like that all day. 

Happy 34th Birthday Husband

Dear Husband,

The past couple of years zoomed by so quickly. I can hardly believe we’ve been married for 3 years, homeowners for 3 years and parents for 2 years. 

We’ve grown wiser and horizontal with our love for all things sweet. I still believe that marrying you is my 2nd best decision. First one being accepting Jesus to be my Lord and saviour. 

Watching you and Z together is one my favourite things to do. Thank you for being the awesome Father that you are. 

Playground Fun| Blk 129 Stratmore Avenue

This mint condition playground is located between a park connector and a block of flats making this one of the quietest playgrounds. 

It is so nicely hidden that you’ll probably miss it unless you take walks along the park connector.

Z and I had a good time running around, playing chase and trying out different methods of climbing. He even did a poo at the park and I had no issues changing him without anyone seeing. šŸ¤£ 

Because of its location, I highly recommend parents to bring along their kids in the day. 

Condition: 8/10

Suitable For ages: 5-12years old 


Any working mother would be able to understand this. It’s never easy to say goodbye to my child and leaving him in a childcare facility for an entire day. It’s just not in my nature to do so.

My heart breaks when I see those eyes that belong to me teared up each time I drop him off at school. His cries for ‘mama.. mama.. I want to go home’ tears me apart. What happens when a child has to grow up being away from his mother? What happens when a mother feels defeated each day she has to turn up for work.

Playground Fun| West Coast ParkĀ 

This has to be one of my favourite places to bring Z. This place is timeless. Not only does it covers any age group, it’s also a convenient place to grab a quick bite.

They have also included a new playground which is pretty useful for kids around Z’s age. Yes! That piano works. Kids can press the keys and the different notes will be played.

His sand toys got a bit of breather and his trucks were especially useful to trade with other kids. 

In the last couple of weeks, Z also learnt how to trade toys with other kids and ask for theirs. 

With KM mugging now for his MBA, you’ll expect more of these visits to the playgrounds. 

My First Skool

Hello, 2017! We’re ready to conquer you.

Our first week was focused on letting Zion adapt to his new school. This kid ate like a champ, Ā slept in his school on the second day and he adapted to the new routine.

In fact, on the second day, he struggled to stay awake when he was exhausted after his morning exercise. Our second week started on a rough patch when Z was one of the last kids who was picked up. He bawled his eyes out until they got so puffy.

It was beyond heartbreaking, and I hated being away from him. I’m praying that he will be reassured that we will always be there for him.