Sasatinnie Aqua Cushion foundation

I'm a big fan of cushions. To me, it acts like an in between liquid foundation and pressed powder. So I've been experimenting with quite a number of cushions. I just finished this and I have to say, it's a no go. Probably the last time I'm going to purchase it.  This product smells really [...]


Lunch Box 

We've been upgrading Zion from straw bottles to cap bottles. KM have been practising it with him.  I constantly struggle with his straw bottles. The gross black spots that I find surrounding the caps, the straws with suspicious black stains that can't be removed. We recently changed the straws of his Munchkin bottles but the [...]

Lunch Box 

It's so hard to get Z to finish his veggies lately since he outsmart 'my hiding veggies in a mouthful' technique.  But this was a hit of late.  Ingredients: grilled chicken breasts (seasoned with Japanese soya sauce)  Canned corn (steam it together with rice and edamame) Frozen edamame  Grilled tomatoes (grill it together with the [...]

Perth Day 3

Fremantle markets is a must on a Sunday. It's probably the most 'happening' place in Perth. If you're not driving like us, you can take a bus from the city and stop near Fremantle markets. Hung out at the Youth Park. KM wanted to do some reading while Z played and later 'joined' him.  Drank [...]