I was introduced to the Diggersite by my boss and decided to check it out since it’s at Suntec. Suntec is one of our family’s regular hang outs on weekends.

I’m so biased but Zion looked so cute in that outfit.

The outlet in Suntec was running a special 1 for 1 promotion. 1 kid pays and another kid gets in free. $18 for 3 tokens and each machine requires 1 token. There’s a total of 5 machines (excavator, demolition, clamp, tower crane and a machine that’s similar to a UFO catcher). For a single child, Z had 5 tokens instead as part of this promotion.

Each station/ machine has a course to complete so the child has something to accomplish rather than just scooping and dumping sand in random locations. For kids who are younger, parents can accompany them and help.

Each child can stay in the sand pit up to 2 hours which would either bore me to death or he’ll be too exhausted to move. We noticed that the service staff didn’t really mind them playing as long as the place wasn’t too crowded. HE LOVED IT.

There were existing trucks that he could play and those toys mean = new toys.

We loved this though it’s a bit pricey and having it in a shopping mall means I can leave him there with Papa and I can shop while Zion enjoys himself. Perfect combination.

So you’re interested to check this out. You can view their facebook page here.



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