Perth Day 4 

I just realised I haven’t finished our trip updates!

We started the day with brunch at Small Print. 

This oatmeal was so yummy! I’m quite sure it’s sinful. 

We decided to stay in the city since we didn’t drive. Head down to shop at Kakula Brothers. It has a wide selection of nuts, dried fruits and spices. We wanted to pick up some items for the parents and some dried fruit for our ‘healthy’ breakfasts at home. This place accepts credit cards too!

We took a city bus and head down to the state library since it was raining. Turns out, this place is great for kids.

Level 1 is a mini exhibition and take your time to pull out all those little drawers to explore all the different animals’ teeth, jaws, knick-knacks from all around Australia.

On the second level, it’s a kid’s wonderland. Focusing on a particular kid’s book, there are some craft activities for the little ones. Crafting isn’t Zion’s thing so, he decided to explore the area.

We hid in that reading nook for an hour! And read until he’s exhausted.

He fell asleep in the library and he took a quick nap at the nursing room on level 1.

We head back to our apartment and I brought him down to a green field near our place.

The place was breezy and it’s a beautiful sight to watch this monkey enjoying the slow life.

I wanted to head over to Ciao Italia but unfortunately, it’s closed on Mondays. So w have to make do.

I found an Italian restaurant not far from our apartment. Cafe Italia. The food was amazing!

I can’t remember what we ate but it was good! And you must try their tiramisu. 


We took a walk around the city and head back to our apartment to get ready for tomorrow’s flight. 

Breakfast was at a cafe near Hay Street. The food was great! Coffee on point.

We didn’t do much and walked around for a while before we head back to our apartment.

Took a direct bus to the airport and hung out for a while. Since Z and I took the lager flight, this playground was a life saver.

Best part is, I get to sit and watch him while we wait for our flight. 


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