Priorities as Z turns 3

The development of a child widely differs after their first year mark. For Z, I’m quite proud that he’s been adapting well at his ‘new’ school. 


  • He’s improved a fair bit. Initially, he couldn’t jump or hop even after he turned 2. He refused to walk for more than 10 mins. 
  • These days, he can jump pretty well. We’ve been practising his jumps on our mattress. He can walk comfortably to school. 


  • Lucky for us, Z has no problems in this area. He speaks well in English. He can speak in complete sentences and hold interesting conversations with us. Just last night, he said ‘I want to be a baby and go back into mummy’s tummy’. 
  • But he’s not so confident in his Chinese. So we might start him at Berries soon. 


  • Turns out Z is a social butterfly. I was worried that his friends wouldn’t like him or bully him. But his Teachers told us otherwise. They love to play with him. He would talk to them over lunch and basically chat about anything. 

As he moves towards his 3 year old mark, we have some priorities for him:

  • Potty training: these past couple of days, z was able to tell me when he needs to go. We’re trying it out now in school so fingers crossed! Hopefully, he can pick it up soon.
  • Swimming: or at least interest him in more water play. We’re trying to encourage him to enjoy water play. He’s made a lot of improvements especially since he doesn’t even want to walk into the wading pool initially. 
  • Chinese: the Husband have been communicating with him regularly in mandarin on his way home. Hopefully, it’ll help him. 

So as we plan out some small goals for him, I’m praying that we will also have the patience to deal with his tantrums. 


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