Lunch Box 

We’ve been upgrading Zion from straw bottles to cap bottles. KM have been practising it with him. 

I constantly struggle with his straw bottles. The gross black spots that I find surrounding the caps, the straws with suspicious black stains that can’t be removed. We recently changed the straws of his Munchkin bottles but the bottle started to leak. 

I started to look for other bottles including Nalgene bottles for kids but Z finds it difficult to close the covers.  I resort to passing him a sports water bottle which requires him to twist the nozzle. He didn’t end up drinking much that day because he claimed that the bottle is ‘spoilt’. Basically, he doesn’t know how to twist the nozzle. 

I was drawn to Tupperware’s range of Hello Kitty bottles. It’s really cute for Hello Kitty fans and they have a range of bottles and containers for kids.

The bottles are easy for Z to open and shut. It was a little bit tight initially but with some practice, he managed to figure it out. He loves biscuits, as do all kiddos, and the biscuits container was a hit. He carries his supply of biscuits to school. 

Set comes with 2 waterbottles, 2 snack containers. Price: $29.90


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