Perth Day 3

Fremantle markets is a must on a Sunday. It’s probably the most ‘happening’ place in Perth. If you’re not driving like us, you can take a bus from the city and stop near Fremantle markets.

Hung out at the Youth Park. KM wanted to do some reading while Z played and later ‘joined’ him. 

Drank this glorious detox tea! And we ordered a chicken paella so Z can have his regular dose of ‘rice’.

Then we head over to the Fisherman’s Wharf.

We had fish and chips and tonnes of seafood at Kaili’s. One of the most expensive meals we’ve had in Perth. But it was worth it.

Zion thoroughly enjoyed himself at the Little Creatures Brewery . There’s a big sand pit coupled with sand toys for kids. So parents can just chill and watch their kids entertain themselves.

We had a hard time prying Z out of that pit. We took him out and brought him to a nearby playground instead.

We took our first Ferris wheel ride as a family. I’ve never been on one and it was pretty nice to enjoy the sunset on the ride.  Z was exhausted and we had a chance to take a walk around Fremantle and take a train back to the city. 

The city centre was Super quiet and we ended up walking around quite a fair bit. We ended up with takeaway curry and rice to satisfy Z’s rice craving again. 

KM hung out at the local laundromat to catch up on his laundry so I won’t have to deal with it when I get back. It was a great idea! It’s not too expensive and relatively quick. He highly recommended it. 


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