Perth Day 2

Caversham Wildlife Park was one of the best experience with Z. It’s really cute to watch the world from his eyes.

If your kid is not really into Caversham Wildlife Park, Caversham is part of a bigger park, Whiteman Park. This park is huge! It has museums, play areas and other programmes for kids. I’m quite sure you can spend more than a day here. But note, you’ll probably have to drive around to access the different areas.

Also, food options are a bare minimum. I’m quite thankful that we brought along fruits, sandwiches and nuts that we bought the night before at Woolsworth.¬†Zion loves his biscuits, strawberries and blueberries.

After the wildlife park, Z was fussing about and he wanted to have ‘rice’. My typical Asian kid needs his regular dose of rice.

We went to Good Fortune Roast Duck (354 William Street, Perth WA 6000) for dinner. The roast duck is really good and KM was quite thankful to eat some Asian food after an entire week of fish and chips. We headed back to our airBnB apartment after that and rested for the day ahead.


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