Perth Day 1

I think I’m pretty insane for doing this but yet I know, Zion will absolutely love spending time with us. This trip was planned last minute, so many hiccups that I can’t even count them.

But KM and I played by ear, we figured things out along the way, and Zion also grew up quite a fair bit.

Z and I took a red-eye flight so we can land early in the morning on Friday. We can head out for a pleasant brunch before meeting KM at Perth City.

Pre-flight: I cleaned up the house after putting Tiger at the carer’s place. Z threw a massive tantrum because I didn’t let him watch any more videos. (Had to let him watch Wheels on the bus while I picked up a work call). He was so tired after the crying, he fell asleep.

I took the chance to do one last load of laundry, vacuum the house, put away his toys and pack any last minute toiletries.

Since our flight is at 3.30am, we had to check in at about 1.30am. 12 am, I wore the carrier and gently put Zion on it. We hailed a cab and head down earlier. When we reached, we checked-in early, and Zion had the chance to take airport stroller (he’s really into special trolleys at this age).

I could push him around, fed him some snacks while he awed at the number of buggies moving about in the airport. (Never underestimate what inspires a little mind)

When I got tired, I ordered some Starbucks, while my little angel decides to play his toy cars, and make friends with the cleaning lady. When it’s finally our time to board, Z was a bit tired. His energy level was lower, and he was only excited when I told him, ‘we’re going to take the aeroplane!’ (Hands him his plastic toy aeroplane). I realised though this isn’t his first flight, it’s the first time he’s going to remember this trip.

On the flight: since I’m so gung-ho to take a red eye flight (why not take a Budget one?). Z was angst that the plane was too small, he can’t sit on my lap, and he needs to be buckled up during take off and landing. Basically, he cried and fussed and stood on his seat during takeoff (and I swear I wanted this to be my last flight EVER). But I managed to nurse him, and he calmed down. Fell asleep and when he woke up, the sun was up, and we were about to reach Perth in an hour. Fed him more water and this time, I read him his books and kept my secret weapon before we landed. Landing was a lot kinder to me. I gave him a small box of raisins. Raisins are pretty big deal to him since he doesn’t get them very often. 

Zion at Changi Airport

Landed at Perth’s international airport. We had breakfast and chill before heading down to the city.

We took the bus to the town centre. Each ticket cost about $4.30. Took us about 45 mins and Z enjoyed watching the scenery. We alighted at the Elizabeth Quay bus interchange and decided to take the free city shuttle (known as the Cat buses) around town.

When we’re done, KM’s last business meeting ended, and we met him at the interchange.

We went to the Hay Street Mall. Z had a ball running around and laughed so much!

Managed to capture the beautiful sunset. So thankful for this wonderful trip.


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