A place where kids and creativity combined. I ran out of ideas this weekend to entertain Z when I recalled this particular place. We went to the Farmers market a couple of months back and stumbled upon this centre.

Playeum is a creativity centre for kids aged 1-12 years old. Kids learn through play and creativity. 

There’s a couple of sections in the place:

Lego Wall 

Z was stuck here for a good 45 minutes.

Make believe 

Kids can role play here. There’s a ship and some handmade paddles for the kids. Cardboard houses and outfits are also available for kids to play pretend.

Kinetic sand 

He loved the kinetic sand section. I Guess Z is very much a builder. 

Reading corner 

It’s a nice cosy corner and we read quite a number of books available there till Z got sleepy. 

There’s also a workshop corner where kids get to pick up ‘ingredients’ like cotton wool, ice cream sticks and toilet paper rolls. They can build anything they want using these stuff. Plus, glue guns, sewing machines are available on hand.

We hung out for about 2+ hours. Z was sleepy and we decided to head home. The overall experience is pretty good but I doubt Z can stay anything longer than 2 hours. 

If you’re interested, you can check out their site at Playeum. It’s located at Gillman Barracks. I’ll recommend parents to check out their scheduled activities before heading down, to make your money’s worth. 

Tickets are sold at $22 per child, including 1 adult. Another accompanying adult would cost additional $10. Bring along snacks (cause there’s nothing convenient nearby), beverages. 


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