Welcome Tiger

KM and I have always wanted a pet for Z. And adoption is a key component. We wanted to adopt a pet rather than buy one from the pet shops. 

Since January this year, Z and I also developed a routine to feed the cats in our neighbourhood. Z was just intrigued by them and we befriended the local cat feeders. 

So it was no surprise when one of the cat feeders asked us if we’d like to adopt a kitten that was loitering around. And it’s a little bit hard to say ‘no’ when we saw him. 

So we welcomed Tiger into our family and he’s been Z’s good friend since then. Z would ask for him when we get home, he would ask for him when he wakes up and these 2 have been inseparable since. 

Z begin to realise that he needs to share our attention with Tiger and he started to learn what it means to have another family member. 

And I have to add, I no longer have to look at cute cat videos when I can just watch them like that all day. 


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