My First Skool

Hello, 2017! We’re ready to conquer you.

Our first week was focused on letting Zion adapt to his new school. This kid ate like a champ,  slept in his school on the second day and he adapted to the new routine.

In fact, on the second day, he struggled to stay awake when he was exhausted after his morning exercise. Our second week started on a rough patch when Z was one of the last kids who was picked up. He bawled his eyes out until they got so puffy.

It was beyond heartbreaking, and I hated being away from him. I’m praying that he will be reassured that we will always be there for him.


3 thoughts on “My First Skool

  1. Heyo! Beth’s Mummy here! What a coincidence I chanced upon your blog! Is Z struggling to adjust to his new school? Beth talks about him from time to time. Keep in touch!

    1. Hello Suyin! So good to hear from you. Z finally adapted this week. He talks about Beth too!
      Yes. We shld keep in touch. You can look for me on Facebook search for ‘Lydia Lee-Lim’. 🙂

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