Missha Line Products

I saw this on series of products at a Korean vlog. I can’t resist it. I’m not a huge fan of Line but these cute products are to die for. 

I bought:

Eyeshadow stick: it has 2 Colours (1 lighter which is for the inner eye and top of the eye lid), (1 darker colour which highlights the corner of the eye to add depth)

For beauty noobs like me, this eyeshadow stick is so easy to use and really forgiving for people who can blend very well. The applicator which is a sponge brush, is pretty easy to apply. I use it on daily basis especially when I have an important meeting that day. What it does, is it accentuates your eyes and brightens it. 

Cons of this product is the amount! It looks like it’s going to run out soon 😦 

Lip tint: for your lips. Instead of a lipstick or lip gloss, this lip tint is a life saver for moms like me. 

It’s easy to use and it looks really natural on your lips. On top of that, there’s no transfer especially when you need to kiss your little one which is what I do multiple times before Z gets to school. 

Cons of this tint is the strange bitter taste when I apply it on my lips. 


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