Since Z started school, he’s made quite a number of ‘friends’/ classmates. Over the year, one of his closest friends is Evan. Evan is a week younger than he is, slightly smaller in size but he’s packed with a whole bunch of energy.

Because of his energy, kids are drawn to him and same goes with Z. Z is especially close to him because they are in the same class. Recently, Evan have difficulty expressing himself. Something that Z is facing too. He would wailed without explaining his emotions and he just can’t convey what he wants.

For Evan, he bites. As his good friend, Z gets bitten fairly often. He got bitten on his arm, his face and his leg. KM and I were really upset initially but we too understand that it’s too difficult to manage a toddler who can’t express himself. In fact, once, Evan bit himself because he felt really bad.

Then his parents gave Z a bottle of snacks and apologised.


This is kinda sweet and Z now learns how to tell his teachers when he’s hurt/ bitten. He points it out and asks for affection. I guess, on a lighter note, at least Z knows how to express himself.


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