Mary Kay Cleansing Brush

I for one am not a big fan of expensive cleansing tools. In fact, I’ve used really cheap facial foams for the longest time. But lately, I’ve been watching videos from Pony . I love her makeup videos and the way she talks about why she use the different methods of application. Personally, she’s a funnier version of Michelle Phan.

She shared about Clarisonic brush which most of my friends raved about. It cleanses all the impurities (especially if you regularly put on makeup), leaving your skin squeaky clean. But it costs close to $300 for a brand new set.

I saw this Mary Kay one my sister’s place. She raved about how awesome it is since her sister-in- law recommended it. In case you didn’t know, Mary Kay is a Multi-Level Marketing company. Those who know me would know how much I dislike such companies. I’ve always felt that they are a bunch of brainwashing nonsense. But since no one is pushy, I decided to just try out this product.

I wanted a cleansing brush for my body. Yes, you heard that right. I wanted it for my body and face. I’ve suffered from back acne before and it’s gross! If not, worst than facial acne. Recently, I started to use hair mask for my hair and it leaves an oily effect on my back.

There are 2 brush heads that come with the brushes. One pink and another white. The white one is for weekly usage and the pink one is for daily use. I accidentally used the white one and BOOM! my face was lightened after one use! KM saw the significant change. I also used the brush for my back (I know its a bit a gross but i really needed it). My back was squeaky clean. 😀

The best part about this product, it’s only $79 SGD. 1/3 the price of a Clarisonic.






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