Kranji Farmer’s Market

You know your lifestyle has changed when you decide to wake up earlier to shop for fresh produce and things like ‘goat’s milk’ excites you.

We wanted to go for swim while KM rest up after his morning ride. But he felt otherwise and we head down to Kranji. We took Uber to 240 Neo Tiew Crescent and it’s an experience we will never forget.

We ate a mixture of fried frogs, fried crocodile meat, fried mushrooms (those were the best!), chili crab with man tou and of course cold pressed juice.

Be prepared to pay about $5 per food item and organic vegetables were going at $3 per bunch, its the same price as the one back in Gilman Barracks.

There were artisan crafted beer, local produce, anything from eggs to fresh towgay. The crowd? A good mix of young families, hipster youngsters and even grandparents.


We went home with bottles of fresh goat milk, a huge bag of towgay and a full tummy. It was one the nicest event that we’ve attended so far.


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