What you’re reading


It was a vehicles harvest at the National Library last week.

Top left: Peekaboo! Who are you? It’s an interesting book with felt flaps instead of the usual paper flaps, so it’s Zion-proof. He loves it because it has some of the animals that he loves (e.g. ladybird, bee, cat, dog).

Top middle: What’s your favourite animal? At first glance, this book is a little bit odd with different illustrations because its a combination of many authors including Eric Carle. But it’s probably because of its unique illustrations that made it extra special.

Top right: Counting machines. It has the usual suspects, dump trucks, road rollers, log truck and cement mixer. The pros of this book? It helps to count the vehicles from 1 to 5.

Bottom left: Busy Garage. This book is interactive. Z could move the spotlights, the car wash cleaning machine.

Bottom right: Sounds. This book covers as you can guess it ‘vehicles.’ Z got better as we read and he loves to try out different actions e.g. the planes’ movements, the sound of the trains, etc.


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