Eighteen months

Happy 18 months baby!

It’s all about independence – doing things by himself. Z can take instructions pretty well now. When we tell him it’s time to shower, he happily toddles off to the washroom and waits for me. 

We start to build tighter routines too. For example, we encourage him to take off his own clothes before the shower, climb on the stool to wash his hands and he’ll gladly do it. Meal times are slightly easier too. He eats more and often, would be easily bribed by his books. 

His fascination for vehicles grew in the last month. It’s all about trucks, cars and anything with wheels. 

He started to speak more often now but he’s often a little shy to say more. To counter that, we try to encourage him further. We repeat after him and really don’t stress him about his pronunciation. 

Z is growing really well now and we are thankful. 


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