Playground Fun – Polliwogs @ Suntec

Ever since the last visit to an indoor playground, it’s my goal to bring Z to as many playgrounds as possible during my off days.

We went to Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo. It was a wonderful experience considering that kids get a free bowl of ramen when an adult dine in there.

Back to Polliwogs. My girlfriend, Gwen decided to purchase the promotion package of 7 sessions for $65 for kids under 2 and if you purchase it with your NTUC card, you get another free session. $65 for 8 sessions! For weekdays, we get to spend the entire day for that price (if you have the stamina to play with your child for that long).

This is a pretty good deal and you can use it with your friends.

On top of that, you can also have coffee, have some snacks while watching  your child play. Polliwogs also have their own personal nursing room/ changing room which was conveniently located near the Toddler’s area/

Z is turning 18 months and he gets to play at the toddler’s area. This restricted area is really good for young kids. They are exposed to the right amount of space with facilities that are suited for the age without the risk of getting injured by an older child. The facilities include 2 slides, some tunnels, and a ‘water bed’. Let the pictures speak for themselves.







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