Hello Hanoi Part 3 +84

One of the most expensive meals we had in Hanoi was at Green Tangerine. ‘When in Hanoi, you must eat french food.’ So I told KM that everyone recommends that we should have french food while we’re in Hanoi. So we did.

Green Tangerine.

48 Hang Be – Ha Noi
Tel: +84 43285 1286

We didn’t make any reservations on a Saturday night but we decided to have an earlier dinner since we wanted to get ready for our trip out to Ha Long Bay tomorrow.
Hello Hanoi!

We didn’t take many photos because Z got really frustrated during dinner. KM and I had to take turns to eat which was pretty disappointing considering how ‘atas’ this restaurant was or at least the price tag that went along with it.

For the appetiser, the wait staff introduced us to Crab Mille Feuille. It was beautiful. I highly recommend it. KM and I ordered the rabbit and pigeon dish. Both main courses were a little fatty but nicely cooked. We also ordered a glass of Sauvignon blanc to pair it with our main courses.

The bill came up to $80, which was pricey that the other meals that we had. But it was a wonderful experience.

Another meal that we had was at S. Patisserie.

S. Patisserie

17-19 Hang Khay, Hoan Kiem
+84 4 3938 5555

We ordered the Pineapple cake, the Saturn Tiramisu, Skinny Detox juice and a Special Chia Latte. The Skinny Detox juice was a little bit strange and honestly, something I would never order again. The cakes were nice but nothing outstanding. This place is relatively clean though so it made a god rest stop for Z.
Hello Hanoi!


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