Hello Hanoi +84 Part 2

Our first dinner in Hanoi was introduced by KM’s business partner. We head to Masterchef Vietnam’s restaurant.

Minh Thuy’s Family Restaurant

You can check out all the raving reviews here. I highly recommend this place because it fed 6 adults and 5 kids with $100+ SGD. You get a chance to try out the fusion Vietnamese food. KM managed to take a couple of photos so I’m leaving a placeholder here for now.

We head back to the hotel since Z and I were exhausted. Speaking of the hotel, KM decided to splurge a little in our stay. We stayed in Hotel De L’Opera.

We love the room. It’s a great combination of modern European and old school colonial feel. Z love the bouncy bed and a mini hallway for him to put on his shoes.

The next day, we explored Hanoi on foot. Hanoi is comparatively small. The location of our hotel is very convenient, we were in the middle of the Old Quarters. We took a taxi ride to check out the biggest market in Hanoi.

Dong Xuan Market is the biggest market in Hanoi. Unless you’re into live animals, wholesale items, this is probably the best place to hang out. If you’re already thinking of shopping around Hanoi, you should probably stop by this market since everything you see along the streets would probably be picking up their stock from here.

Hello Hanoi! Hello Hanoi!

I insisted that we should leave before the animals get to me. 😛 We took a long walk around the area and head towards the direction of our hotel.

We stopped at Highlanders Coffee for a break and hopefully, put Z down for his nap.

Hello Hanoi!

Their ice coffee is the Bomb Diggity. The overly sweet condensed milk and thick Vietnamese coffee; was both smooth and yummy. Shortly after, we received a call from KM’s distributor. Hearing him raved about Bun Cha from the night before, he decided that he should bring us out for lunch.

This local fare is located at one of their local markets. We were welcomed by thick smokes coming at the entrance of the store. The smell of barbequed pork was overwhelming and our tummies were rumbling by the time we reached there.

We were greeted by freshly cooked white noodles and slightly charred pork. Gently dipped the noodles and pork in a sweet broth and slurp it up!
Hello Hanoi!

This was one my favourite meals in Hanoi.

More to come!


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