Busy Bags for Busy Mommies

I was very privileged to be part of this little group of mommies. A friend of mine invited me to participate in this busy bag.

What is a busy bag?
Personally, it felt like Christmas! What we did was to make little bags keep our little ones occupied when we’re on the go.

You can google ‘busy bags’ and look for items that are more age appropriate for your child.

  1. Top left-hand side: I bought alphabets for the little ones and cut out coloured cards so the child can match the colours to the cards. Alternatively, as the child get older, he/she can also start to spell with the alphabets.
  2. Top middle: Fruits galore! Another Momma wanted our kids to explore fruits in greater detail and he/she can stick those fruits on the felt sheet.
  3. Top right-hand side: Felt with bells. Our kiddos can tie these felt belts around their little wrists and make bangles. The bells too helped the little ones get excited when it rings.
  4. Bottom left-hand side: Match the ice-cream sticks to the colour pouches. Z loved this!
  5. Bottom right-hand side: Using the little toy car, our kids can trace the alphabets in the photo album

I had so much doing this up with the other mummies. Can’t wait for the next swap bag!


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