Hello Hanoi +84

We are super fortunate to be able to go on a second holiday within weeks! Thanks to KM and his business trips.

Z and I took an afternoon flight (3pm) and flew via Silkair. As usual, we head over to Terminal 2 to hangout for a while.

The playground is definitely suited for kids from 3 years to 12 years.

Hello Hanoi!

Hello Hanoi!

Hello Hanoi!

Hello Hanoi!

Z was relatively contented playing with the slightly more age appropriate stuff. But he did attempt to climb steps and hung around the other older kids.

Z was pretty kind to me on the flight though he only slept for 45minutes. We played with puzzles, had snacks and read books. 3pm flights are pretty quiet and empty so Z managed to walk around the plane, smile at strangers and waved hi-five.

When we arrived, KM organised an airport transfer since he couldn’t be there to pick us up. Fortunately, our driver arrived on time, Z and I enjoyed a nice car ride to Hanoi city. Timing was impeccable. We saw KM at the entrance of the hotel and we checked in quickly before we head out for dinner.




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