Bangkok +66 Part 2

Our first stop after checking in is DINNER time! 

Somboon Seafood Surawong
Swadeekup! Zion's second trip

The curry crab is to die for so you need to eat this. Z had a hard time adjusting and he was especially fussy. We ordered a bowl of soup for him to eat with his rice but he just refused. 

Then, we decided to head out and explore the night markets! 

We were looking for the Talad Rod Fai market when we stumbled upon this. This is a really small market but I must say, it’s a good start for the 3 of us. Not too crowded, windy and the flags distracted Z quite a bit.

Swadeekup! Zion's second trip
Swadeekup! Zion's second trip
Swadeekup! Zion's second trip

We head back to rest so we can conquer Chatuchak the next day.

Chatuchak was pretty fun. But challenging when it comes to managing kids. The hot weather, the large human traffic and the narrow walkways are not the most enjoyable.


We stayed in Chatuchak for close to 4 hours but Z managed to take a nap at one of their indoor malls. We ordered a horrible cup of coffee and recuperated before we conquered the rest of the market. 

Things to note:

  • Alight at the MRT stop after Chatuchak market. It will lead you to the hippy area in the market. Shopping there is a lot more fun and interesting. (Not the cheapest though, but better quality) 
  • Bring an electric handheld fan
  • Load up with water
  • Wear something light 
  • Bring an extra foldable bag for all your additional shopping

Once we’re done, we went back to the hotel to rest up for dinner.

Dinner was at Siam Paragon’s food court. The food? mediocre. Experience? Boring. Nothing much to rave about. We took a walk around Siam Paragon, Siam Square and the night market around Siam. It’s definitely not as interesting as the Chatuchak so I wouldn’t bother. 

Since it wasn’t a very enjoyable dinner, KM decided to buy something from McDonald’s – Spicy Pork Burger.

Turns out its pretey yummy!


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