Bangkok +66

Last weekend, Z and I decided to crash KM’s work week in BKK and take a short break while he’s there. 

We stayed in BKK from Friday- Monday. We flew back on Monday afternoon.

Z and I took an afternoon flight. He missed his regular 10am nap. But he was too excited to nap at the airport.

Swadeekup! Zion's second trip

We had a fun time, shopping around after we checked in. Z enjoyed running around and window shopping at the toy store. Since the flight takes 2 hours and I’ll be alone with Z on board, I really needed to use the washroom. 

This baby care area has a huge washroom for parents. Parents with toddlers would understand how tough it is to squeeze their toddler in the cubicle alone. While going for my number 1, I distracted Z with toilet paper. Yes, this kid loves to pull paper from the roll. 

Once I’m done, it was his turn to change before we board. 

Swadeekup! Zion's second trip

I love this changing area in T1. It’s huge. Lots of changing spots and it comes with hot water dispenser. 

Swadeekup! Zion's second trip

For nursing mothers, they also provided individual cubicles for nursing.

Swadeekup! Zion's second trip

The parents friendly washroom is just around the corner. Once we got on the plane, I really can’t help but feel a little bit nervous especially since Z was tired and fussy and he hates to belt up. 

But thank God he fell asleep for close to an hour. I’ve packed a number of things for him:

  • Small shape puzzles (they’re relatively cheap so even if he loses it, I won’t be too upset)
  • Toy cars 
  • Erasable drawing board (you can get this from diaso. This board is a lifesaver!)
  • One of his favourite books (his favourite books has to include things that he can say e.g. Cats, dogs, car, chicken, birds)
  • Snacks (at least 2 different varieties, this really helps especially during take off and landing. the constant swallowing and chewing, helps him manage the pressure in his ear) 

After touching down BKK, KM picked us up from the airport and we took a taxi to the city. It was about 4pm and the traffic was really bad. On hindsight, it might have been faster if we took their train. 

We stayed at the Sofitel Sukhumvit. It’s near Nana Station and Sukhumvit MTR. 

Swadeekup! Zion's second trip
Swadeekup! Zion's second trip

 This place is a dream come true! 

Thank you husband for the wonderful room. 


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