What we’re reading 

Flapped books are the in-thing now for Z. At 15 months, he gets really excited to open up the flaps of the books and point what’s inside.

These books don’t come cheap and the novelty of it dies after a while, so I strongly recommend you borrow them.

What we're reading

This one has all the farm animals you can think off and those especially familiar to Z. E.g. Cows, sheep, chicken, pig
What we're reading

Being a boyish boy, he’s really into transportation. So cars are his thing. This book is awesome because it shows the different types of transportation including hot air balloons, rockets, spaceships etc. The die cut section of the book also made it more fun for little hands to run through.

More flip books! Z enjoyed this one quite a fair bit because it covered quite a few zoo animals. For each page, it described the unique point of each animal. E.g. Giraffes are tall, elephants are heavy. And towards the end, the zoo offered to give the author a dog. And Z could recognize the ‘woah woah’ so he’ll gladly say it.


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