Sixteenth Month

It was a tragic day around the world. A suicide bomber went off in Pakistan  where families are playing in the park, the death toll went up to 72 people and the bulk of them? Women and children. 

In Taiwan, a mom lost her 4 year old daughter to a mentally ill man who attacked her 4 year old and decapitated her on the spot. The pair were on the way to pick up the other 2 kids. 

Heartbreaking and honestly, I just had to squeeze Zion a little tighter, knowing that I should never take our peace for granted.

As he turned another month older, His new favourite word now is ‘car-car’. These days, he would point almost every car that has gone by and we’ll try to differentiate buses and cars for him. He’s getting there.

He’s one of the older kids now in his school which also meant that he could now take instructions really well. 

This month, we spent a bit more time taking him out for a swim at the public pool, walks in the park and exploring playgrounds. KM believes that these little explorations would help his motor skills better. 

Z is also in the mood to feed himself/ does things himself. A little bit of independence shows every time he gets the chance to. 

15th month have been awesome and I’m just so grateful to have him in my life. 


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