What we’re reading

Zion is really into reading these days. For my sanity sake, I decided to get him more books. But I soon realise that, he doesn’t like every book. So I settled with library books.

Besides, library time seemed to give either KM or myself some extra ‘me’ time when one of use take him out.

Here are some of the books that Z loves.
What we're reading

Max’s bear

What I loved about this book is that it’s has one sentence per page so we get to flip pages pretty often and it tells a simple story.

What we're reading

Baby Bear says Thank You

Zion has been learning his Ps & Qs. ‘Thank you’ is when he nods his head to acknowledge. And this book helps him practice it. Each page, Baby bear request for something from his mama and he say ‘thank you’. Zion loves to follow the book and acknowledge it accordingly.

We have more books to share with you guys. So stay tune.


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