Fifteen Month

Woohoo! Felt like it was only yesterday that Z turned 1. The past months seem to flew by so quickly. 

The past month, Z got really excited when he heads out. He no longer wants us to hold his hands when we walk. Occasionally, he’ll want us to carry him especially when he can’t reach out for stuff. 

He started to understand more things. For the past week, he’s into reading. So we read the same books SO MANY times and he doesn’t get sick of it. He can’t really speak certain words but when we asked him ‘where is the lion’. He’ll gladly point it out to me. 

This month, his hand signs are on point! He learned how to sign ‘please, thank you and sorry’. We’ve been practicing it. I think he only understands ‘please’ though 😆.

In other news, this boy has been following me to the bathroom especially when he’s not in the best of moods. Somehow, watching me is the most comforting thing ever. 

He’s still not a big fan of his meals again! Especially when he’s home. We tried everything. And I conclude that he prefers noodles more than rice (probably because he eats rice/ porridge in school all the time). 


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