Playground Fun | Singkids Vivo city

I’ve been wanting to bring Z to an indoor playground for the longest time. But we constantly have to fight with the weekend crowd. So I decided against it. 

This one was a sudden decision. I just attended my Uncle’s cremation and I decided to spend the second half of the day in a happier place.

I’m so glad I did.

We had a blast! Mainly because Z is really into ‘ball-ball’. 

It was also his first time going down a slide by himself! 

Singkids Play System

Vivo City level 1 unit #01-171~174 

(Right next to Starbucks)

Price: $18 for 2 hours, 1 parent 1 child

We can tag team actually, but at any point of time, just 1 parent. 

Suitable for: 1 -6 years old

Condition: 7/10

Some of the items were a little bit old and I don’t find this place particularly fun for older kids (there were only 2 slides, 1 big one and 1 bouncy slide).

There were some rocking animals that the kids could sit on but they were old looking and really quite suspicious looking too.

Overall, this place is only suitable for kids below 3 I feel. The balloons are a pretty fun element but I think you can have those at home too. 


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