Fourteen month

So many changes this month for Z! The best word to sum it up is ‘understanding’.

He can understand basic instructions now and he never fails to surprise us. From things like ‘go and take your shoes’ to ‘would you like some more soup from Momma’, he seemed to be able to understand everything. 

The good news here is, not only does he understand, he’s quite happy to obey instructions too. In fact, his teachers have feedback that he loves to listen and would happily follow the teacher when they call out to him.

On top of that, I found that he loves to listen to stories too. I happened to hide in a corner to observe him listening to a story telling session. He was enthusiastic and really attentive! All the ‘away time from screen’ really paid off. 

Lastly, Zion loves to head out now. He gets bored when he’s cooped up at home for too long. So he loves to chase pigeons, pick up dried leaves, blabber at cats/ dogs which is just super cute! 

He’s officially transit to toddler mode! 


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