Goodbye Seng Koo

Everyone has that uncle who asks too much questions, who talks a little strange and who is intruding in the most random ways.

That’s Sengkoo. He used to call us whenever he’s bored just to talk to us and made me passed the phone to my sisters and then pass it back to me. He would always ask us to visit him in his 3 room flat because he was very proud of it and he loved to hear compliments about how clean and nice his home is. And when we visit him, you can find him busy serving you his curry chicken, fried bee Hoon and luncheon meat. And every Chinese New Year, he would make us all visit him.

My best memory of Sengkoo was prior to him living in his own home. He used to stay at my maternal grandparents’ home. Eliza and I would be at our paternal grandparents home (which is just next door). We’re always bored of what Mah Mah cooked for us (which is usually a fish dish, some veg and porridge on a hot day) and we’ll wait patiently for Sengkoo to come home with his freshly packed chicken rice. It wasn’t very good as I recalled but we’re always happy to hop over and gobble it up.

I could vaguely remember those days when he brought home some ducklings. They were so smelly but so cute. He showed me how to play with them, touch and feel them. Something I thought was quite a common experience in every household. Obviously, I can’t remember what happened to those little ducklings.

Once, I remembered that he went to buy a dog. That dog wasn’t a very good looking I must admit but like all dogs, it was affectionate and high maintenance. Sengkoo couldn’t keep up and decided that he was better off with us. (Since my family owned a couple of dogs) turns out, I lost his dog and I lost him forever.

Sengkoo is someone really special. And we really only missed him when we lost him. I guess that might be the case for some of us. We never really cherish the people we have until they are gone.

Despite it all, I’m still thankful that I was blessed with Sengkoo in my life. My childhood would be really different without him


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