‘I can work anytime I want’


Slim, elderly Mr Chan picked me up at one of my event’s location. I saw his mobile phones placed at his front window. 

‘Thank you for meeting me here. This school can be quite complicated.’ 

‘I understand.’ I replied. I had a long day after setting up for this week’s event. I asked my usual question and he shared that he used to be a dispatch driver. 

‘I am used to carrying a lot of items which weigh close to 60kg and it’s getting a bit heavy for my age.’ He shared how expensive some of his items were, including branded fragrances and $6000 dresses. 

‘But the boss is too young and he doesn’t know how to run a businesss.’ He shared how his boss used to be a driver himself but he has no idea how to run a business. Instead of motivating his staff, he took it for granted that Mr Chan will always be around considering his age and lack of education. 

The poor man decided to quit and join Uber instead making even more than he used to.

‘I can work anytime I want now and I have no pressure.’ – Mr Chan, 66


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