Happy Birthday Zion

Zion is one! This time around, I was very fortunate to plan this pretty last minute and pull it off!

Venue: We were considering to hold the party at a kids friendly cafe so Z could play as much as he could. But we scrap it off when we realised we don’t have that many kids coming to his party. 😦 So we decided on a couple of cafes:

  • The Bank Bar  – Open on weekends, they provide a small play area for kids. But the price of the beverages are too expensive and KM didnt want to bust the budget. So we couldn’t hold it here.
  • Selfish Gene – They have a private area on the 2nd floor which could hold about 60pax. But they didn’t reply our emails and reminders so i figured, they probably didn’t want the business.
  • Eat Play Love – If your kid loves handcraft, this would probably be a good place for them. But KM and I didn’t like the dark environment and photos might not turn out as well. So we do away with this option.
  • The Ranch – A personal contact of my sister. This location is conveniently located near the Aljunied MRT station so our cellgroup members and family can access easily. However, parking was an issue but our friends and family decided to just park at the nearby multi storey carpark. Since we booked almost the entire space, the owner charged us only the ‘food costs’ and no venue charges. So yay! On top of that, they provided a set menu for all my guests. Perfect for those who stream in a little later.

Since we’re at the Ranch, we decided to go full on with the Ranch theme. Our family, all dressed in checkered shirts and denim, were happy to play along.

Decor: Most of the decor items were from taobao and I did up a board for  Z with all his little info (e.g. fav food, no. of teeth, milestones etc.). You can do it here too. I got this nice lady from US to design it for me and sent it to a local shop to print it. 😀

Cake: Cherishedbakes of course! 2 tiered cake with 2 different flavours, pandan for 1 level and chocolate for another.

Activity: We let Z pick up an item from 4 options (Prime minister, Superstar, Pro-Golfer and Banker). Letting our family and friends guess which item he’ll choose. Z chose the microphone so we’re guessing someone is going to be a Super star!

Okay.. time for some photos

We’re so grateful for all our family and friends.


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