Bottle Training 101

Z is one of the most easy going babies I’ve met. He hardly fussed when we introduced him the stroller or the carrier or even the wrap. 

But when it comes to feeding, he turns into the most stubborn baby I know. When Z was born, my milk didn’t come in until the second day after I discharged from the hospital. So the first night, he bawled his eyes out the entire night. Waking up every hour, hungry.  I was super determined to breastfeed him from the start so I refrained from buying any formula. That night, I made Z latch whenever he woke up. Latched till my nipples bled and my confinement lady (CL) was really worried for me. 

All 3 of us, CL, Z and myself stayed up that night and the moment the clock strike 7, I dashed out to the NTUC opp my place and bought the smallest tin of formula for Z. He drank it all up and slept. That was probably the first time, I felt like a failure as a mom and I couldn’t believe that I put my infant through this. 

Fast forward 3 months later, Z loves to latch and nothing else can comfort him as much as the breast. (I’m using ‘the’ now cause sometimes it really seems like they belong to him) so yay! Go boobies! But in preparation for him to head to infant care, I had to expose him to the bottle again.

To be honest, I wasn’t very consistent either with bottle training. After all, I’m still at home with him for another 3 months before I head back to work. And I thought, well, he might be less stubborn. But I was wrong.

It got worst. Once, he refused to drink his milk before he sleeps. And he cried and cried until he fell asleep without his feed. This boy rather go hungry than drink from the bottle 😁.

 Bought him this outfit to commemorate or struggles with bottle training.  
Soon after, we decided ‘hey! Maybe he doesn’t like that bottle, so let’s try another one.’ 

So we grew a collection. 

We finally settled with the NUK bottle, latex tear ONLY and only the teachers in school could feed him.

Here are some methods:

  • Make sure mom is miles away. Kids are really quite smart and if they could, they would pick the easier option. So I had to be away for a couple of hours for them to try this. I used to feed him during my lunch time. But we realized that he drinks lesser before and after lunch, sometimes refusing the entire feed, simply because he knows mom is coming. So I skipped his lunch feed. 
  • Feed baby before they get sleepy. This is quite crucial for Z. Cos once he gets too tired, he just refuses to drink.
  • Rock baby while feeding. So they attempt to put him in a rocker and feed him. Which he did finally! But it only worked a couple of times. He didn’t fell for it after.
  • Talk to him. For Z, he really enjoys conversations, so one teacher would talk to him for the longest time while he slowly takes in his milk. 
  • Trust your baby. Until today, Z drinks anywhere from 100ml to 180ml per feed. It really depends on his mood. Even the teachers believe that and resigned to it. When he drinks lesser, he’ll make up for it in the evening when I’m home. 

Z is hitting his first year soon! So his reliance on milk is going to dip soon. Will update more! 


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