‘My job is in Thailand’ 


So my uber driver series begins today when we boarded a cheery and optimistic driver. Honestly, we couldn’t help but engage in a conversation with him. 

My usual conversation starter : ‘is this what you do full time?’ 

He replied ‘no. My job is in Thailand. I export animals as pets.’ 

Wow. I thought. Now that’s a different job altogether. He shared that most pets that are imported have to go through strict regulations and they have strange requests including requests for reptiles and snakes. 

But life isn’t as easy as it is. He’s doing this part time whenever he’s back home just to make some extra money and get to see Singapore in a different light. 

‘I hardly travel to other parts of Singapore. But ever since I started driving uber, I’ve been to places I haven’t explored for the longest time!’ 

Now, this I must add, is a pretty positive way to look at life. 


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