Hospital Visit at KKH

We wanted an uneventful weekend but it didn’t turn out that way as you can tell.

On Friday night, the cell group was over our place for a potluck. Z was in a super good and chirpy mood, loving the attention from everyone around.

We cleaned up shortly after and put Z down for bed at about 10.30pm. Our usual routine would be me nursing Z to sleep after my shower and we’ll all fall asleep together. Papa will join us shortly after. 

I nursed him as usual and this time, he vomited out everything he drank plus bits of his dinner. (Spit ups are not like that and they’ve became less common after he went pass the 6month age) I decided not to make a big fuss out of it. So I nursed him again, since he wanted it and I didn’t want him to be dehydrated.

At the same time, KM cleaned up the sheets and went for his shower. The next time, he vomited again! This time, I thought maybe I’m feeding him too much. So I cleaned up. Change our sheets again and attempt to clean him up. Then the 3rd time happened. And this time, even Z looks lost that he was vomiting. My poor baby was staring at me exhausted from the vomiting and it was way pass his bedtime. 

My gut feeling was telling me that he needs to see the doc now. If not, he would have gone without drinking for more than 10 hours tomorrow morning. So we uber to KKH. I was honestly worried that he might throw up at any point of time in the car ride. But he didn’t. So thank God.

Arrived at KKH and we waited. Contrary to popular belief, the children’s emergency room is really quite packed even at 12.30am. 

There were kids all around taking medication (which I realised was something that Z had to do also to test if he has to be kept in the hospital for observation). The doc saw him and gave him some pink sweet liquid. He was suppose to drink every 15mins in small doses. This is to test if his stomach could hold in liquid. If he continues to throw up, they will have to keep him in for observation. 

Well, he did threw up in between one of those 15 min doses. And he kept throwing up at the hospital. His vomit was on me, the floor and every where. There and then, we finally collapsed at his ward at about 4am. Me covered in whatever is left from his vomit. I felt weird in my tummy too and I vomited at the toilet in his ward. 

I felt so apologetic about it but their housekeeping didn’t seemed fazed by it at all. Cleaned up my vomit in the toilet while I squeezed into his cot while he slept (FYI. They provide a bed for parents but Z kept crying when I’m not beside him).

He woke up at about 7+am in the morning. His usual timing. All chirpy again. But the doc warned me not to nurse him just so if aggravates his tummy and he was carried by the nurses to put the drip on his hand. 😭😭😭

My poor baby yelled and scream while I was having a terrible diarrhea. Worst day ever. Papa reached when the visiting hours have started and I finally got to get out of my vomited top. Talk about disgusting.

The doc ran tests to make sure it wasn’t anything too serious. They concluded its most likely stomach flu/ gastric flu. And I probably caught it. 

Thankfully, the drama ended when I sneakily nursed him (cause that was the only thing that comforted him at the hospital) and when he had the energy to sit in the little toy cars. This boy loves moving around and looking at different stuff. 

We finally got discharged on Sunday. Since the doc needed to make sure he wouldn’t vomit or diarrhea in 24 hours. We went home exhausted. 

So glad that we can nap at the comfort of our own homes. 

To all the mummies out there, trust your gut. I did and it hasn’t failed me. I’m still glad that I didn’t insist on waiting for the next day to send him to the doc. 


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