Things to note when traveling with babies

We just concluded our first ever family vacation and I can’t wait to share a list of things we did! 

Just a brief background, Zion is 10 months 1 week old on this trip. He can’t walk yet but he can stand and he would try every opportunity he can to do so. He is a really active kid and super curious so he crawls around quite a fair bit.

For meals, he eats breakfast, lunch and a little bit of dinner. If we follow his schedule:

  • Breakfast: 8am – 9am
  • Nap: 10.30am
  • Lunch: 12pm-1pm 
  • Nap: 3.30pm
  • Dinner: 7pm – 8pm

He still drinks 2 milk feeds in the day and I would latch him on demand in the evenings. But since we’re on holiday. He gets his milk supply on the go. 

For flight 

For our first trip, we decided to go somewhere nearer so we won’t have to deal with him frustrated for too long. From Singapore to Bali, the flight takes about 2 hours 20 mins.  

  1. Choose a flight that fits his schedule. Like what The husband has been saying, Z is our boss. It’s really his schedule that’s the most important. We happen to fit his schedule got the first flight and he fell asleep while we’re on air though he fussed quite a fair bit before.
  2. Nurse/ bottle feed baby during take off and landing. These 2 periods of times he will experience ear pressure and really.. You probably won’t want him to cry when he is strapped on to you in your seat.
  3. Bring entertainment. Small toys are really good for trips. For us, we brought his usual teethers and a little book. Z loved it and he was pretty much busy with them for a while. On the flight back, we received a puppet glove from the airlines and it was winner! Z had quite a bit of fun with it. 
  4. Bring snacks. Since Z is of age to snack and eat solids, I packed his puffs. This was our life saver throughout this entire trip. He’s currently working on his pincer grip so he would focus his attention to grab that one puff and stuff it in his tiny mouth. 

We survived both flights pretty well. In fact, we even played ‘peek a boo’ with my nursing cover and he didn’t piss any other passengers off. That’s a win for us.


Touched down in Singapore!


One of the things I was discussing with KM was how do we get around in Bali, with him?

Carrier/ Stroller? 

We decided that we’re going to explore parts of Bali beyond our villa. So we decided to go with Carrier. Our trusty Manduca has served us well. We went everywhere with it and it gave our aching arms a break from carrying Z. On top of that, Z falls asleep on the carrier easily and it’s super convenient to bring him anywhere.

In the topic of transportation, we also hired a driver for each day. Our driver costs about SGD $60 per 10 hours block. He drives us anywhere in Bali island. He acts as a tour guide too. Lucky for us, he was recommended by my brother in law so he speaks pretty good conversational English. 

This is pretty challenging since most of the food outside is seasoned with sauces/ chili so it’s difficult to feed Z any full meals. I preped 1 portion of Rafferty Garden’s pack per day for lunch and dinner. (Thanks Serene! For lugging that back! Lifesaver!)

What’s awesome about it is, these packs are in squeeze pouches so it doesn’t contaminate easily unlike the bottled ones. If Z can’t finish it, (or he’s too distracted to sit down and eat) I can always keep it for the next 48 hours. But I try to finish it between 24 hours. 

Bring his cutlery. Since he’s using a squeeze pouch, his only cutlery is his spoon. In a place like Indonesia, they don’t have drinking water from a tap so I would recommend all mommas to bring along a bottle of water. For us, 1 liter of water can last us for a day.

Do note that Bali’s restaurants don’t seemed to have high chairs available all the time. So Z was on my lap during meal times. KM and I have learnt how to take turns to eat.

Alternatively, if you’ve brought your stroller, I recommend that you use it as s high chair during meal times.

I have a list of restaurants that we’ve been to and I’ll share them in subsequent posts. So look out for it! 


One thought on “Things to note when traveling with babies

  1. There’s a great guide. I’m sure that traveling for parents as well as other passengers would get way more enjoyable if anyone would follow your recommendations 🙂

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