Teething. It happens to everyone. The baby gets cranky, whiny and just annoyed with everything else.

Z was no exception. As time goes, we begin to realise that his preference for teethers changes too. So I figured it was time for me to share our teething experience. The one teether that stayed with us is 1. Keptin Jr. He’s been around since Z was born. Made of organic cotton, Keptin Jr. is relatively easy to maintain. We throw him into the wash and sun him when he gets a bit yucky. What we love most about him is his long body, encouraging Z to grab and twirl, exercising his fine motor skills at a younger age.

2.  Pigeon teether for 7 months and above. We got this when Z was about 6 months. He was sprouting out 2 teeth at that point. The cool thing about this teether is the difference in hardness in the 4 yellow areas. It encourages him to bite really hard in the harder areas. For the softer areas, it works well for him to chew on too.

3. Pigeon teether for 4 months and above. I’m not sure if I got this too late but Z didn’t like the chilling teether. For this to work best, we need to leave it in the fridge and when he needs something to soothe his gums, we pop it out and let him chew on it. But he wasn’t a big fan.

4. Wooden teether. I wanted to grab this for Z but it was just too pricey for me. Also, after I’ve seen him chewing on 2. I felt that the different hardness gave him a bit of a variety. But I’ll still recommend mommies to try out this teether. I’ve read raving reviews of how organic wooden teethers are much healthier for kids.

My top pick is definitely Keptin Junior. He’s still in some corner of Z’s bedroom and it’s brought him so much comfort over the past year.

What’s your child’s favourite teether?



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