QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bag Review

Quick grab nappy bags

Mommies! You would know this when you’ve changed your baby in a changing/ nursing room. You walk in and then the stench of 937494561 babies’ poop just smack flat in your face.

So, you have to carry your fidgety baby, with your diaper bag and hold your breath while you change him/ her frantically.

Since I’ve been a mom for the past *ahem* 8 months, this happens way too often. So I made it a point to carry some plastic bags in my diaper bag to dump Z’s soiled diaper, just so his stench wouldn’t be left behind.

KM and I aren’t the cleanest parents and sometimes we can be really lazy. Hence, we slack a little when it comes to clearing Z’s diaper bin in our bedroom. Since the 3 of us little hermits really enjoy our air conditioned room, Z’s diaper stench could potentially drown us. Once, I forgot to empty the bin and we left the house for a couple of hours. We returned home with a stench in the bedroom that lasted for a good 2 hours.

So when a friend of mine offered to mail this to me, I was really excited! I can’t wait to try this out. So we tested with Z’s poop-nami. His first diaper of the day would usually be the heaviest since he loves to do his big business in the morning, coupled with heavy pee from the night, this diaper is really filled to the brim.

How to use the Nappy Disposal Bag?


When I finish tying it up, I was stunned that the smell significantly dropped. On top of that, I decided to experiment with this poop bag in the room while we head out to church for a good 4-5 hours. So we did.

We came home to a room without Z’s poop in the air. I am in love with this! Totally sold.

Price: 125 pieces for $4.50  which is pretty affordable I must add.

You can grab them at these stores:

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial. Opinions are all my own.


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