How to deal with sick baby?

Baby sick

The month of July has been extremely draining for our little family. Z fell ill a number of times and we were trying EVERYTHING we could to help this little guy.

  • Pediatrician (PD)

We visited the pediatrician nearest to our home. I’m all about convenience and I was desperate since KM was away that week and Z have been having a bad case of runny nose and phlegm. The PD prescribed a concoction of medication that includes: antibiotics, cough syrup, runny nose syrup and a cream for the rash under his neck. Z was also put under the nebulizer for a good 10-15 minutes (I can’t quite remember). I didn’t feel comfortable feeding a 6months plus infant antibiotics especially since my question to the PD was ‘Is it necessary for him to have antibiotics?’ PD’s reply ‘If you want him to get well faster then yea.’

Personally, I’m not for invading his little body with meds at such a young age. I went with cough medicine only. He took it and complete it. BUT IT DID NOT HELP HIS COUGH ONE BIT. So I was really quite upset that I even fed him that.

  • Self medication 

KM’s colleague recommended this Chinese medication from Eu Yan Sang, Hou Ning. It works really well for kids and its extremely expensive. $109 for a small tiny bottle. We used it for z over a week and decided to complete it. But Z’s condition continued.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

We brought Zion to one of the most popular baby friendly TCMs in Singapore, Yu Guo TCM. It’s one of the most raved about on all the mummy forums that I’ve read. KM too had a similar advice from his colleagues. Unfortunately, Z hates it. By the time we reach the clinic after work, he’ll be grumpy and he can’t sit still for his massages. He did however feel a little better after the 2 treatments he got there so I wouldn’t say the experience was futile.

Soon after, another friend introduced us to another TCM, Herbal -Basic TCM.  This is really convenient for us and out of desperation, Z was having a fever on Friday so we decided to get him checked out. We sign a 3 session package. But on the 3rd day, Z wasn’t drinking the moment he got up. He was frustrated and tired since he couldn’t sleep very well either. 

What that TCM does is to let babies breathe in the nose spa, get a massage and then they have to lie down for 20 minutes under the light. (It’s harmless but Z absolutely hates it. He hates to be restrained and I had to hear him cry for a good 20 minutes)

  • Hospital 

We rushed him to KKH on Sunday after he had difficulty drinking. It got us really worried especially since Z loves his milk. 

Poor kid had to go through a huge syringe of panadol (which he spit out of course). One x Ray, blood test and examination by the doctor. 

Good news is, his lungs are cleared though he’s been having this nasty cough and flu and fever thing for the longest time. No signs of bronchitis! THANK YOU JESUS. A senior doctor then helped by saying that he doesn’t need to take any medication and his body is just going through this fight. He gave us some nose drops, cream for his eczema and panadol. His fever stopped and he’s happy again.

What helped him during this period?

  • We turn off our aircon at night. So for a few days when KM is away, Z and I slept without the air condition. Z felt so much better and he recovered almost immediately the next day, brought him to school and the teachers were a little stunned too.
  • Sleep. We slept early. I try to put Z down by 8pm and he sleeps through the night till 6.30am where both of us get ready for work/ school. 
  • Fluids. I nursed and nursed. Seriously, when I’m lost in such situations, I nurse. This week, I’m also going to try to feed him water from a cup just so he gets used to the idea.

He’s still recovering now though he still has a bit of cough. But he’s happy, chirpy and that’s all I’m asking for. Praying for a complete recovery! 


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