I haven’t really shared much from the heart lately. Simply because, my heart is a little tainted. It’s green with envy when I first returned to work and realized that my colleagues/ soon to be colleagues are drawing a higher salary though they do not have the same amount of relevant experience as I do.

Personally, it felt even worse this time because time at work = time away from my baby. Sometimes, it does make me feel a little mad.

But these days, I’ve decided to resolve it in my heart and accept the circumstances. I did make the best decision I could give the cards that I was dealt with. That’s life. Isn’t it? So, I’ve made up my mind to pursue something more and not move to a different stage without thinking 3 steps ahead. 

I do have more to lose these days. Ever since I got married and Z came along, each decision I make has and would have a repercussion on them. 

So today, I focus, I prioritize and I remember that this is my best decision given the situation. and I repeat this over and over again in my head. 


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