Diaper Comparison – Huggies Total Protection – Tape


So I wanted to try a new type of diaper again. The husband claims I have an obsession which is kind true. NTUC FairPrice was offering 2 packs for $29.90. Pretty good deal I must add. Also, I was using the KCA concurrently then and to be honest, I’m a little sick of dealing with ‘explosions’ on our sheets.

Absorbent rate: High. This is super long. Its almost like Z is wearing a super long /maxi pad. hahah. So I was reassured. Definitely okay for through the night.

Softness on the inside: Mid. The contact point with the buttocks is really not soft.

Price: $0.27

Where to purchase: NTUC Fair price

Through the night test: Diaper change at 8pm, checked at 7am, it held it through

Z’s age: 27 weeks old, Weight: 8.4kg


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