Educa- Zion Pte Ltd

So we started school for about 2 weeks now. So far, Z has been enjoying himself. Over these 2 weeks, I was able to meet some of the parents there and most of their teachers too.

Some things that I love:

  1. The teachers are really positive and happy. Perhaps it’s a pre-requisite for a childcare teacher, but I personally feel happy every time I pick Z up or drop him off. The teachers are caring and super chirpy.  It’s always a joy to see them.
  2. It’s super convenient for me. One of the reasons why I would chose them all over again, is because they are really near my office. In other words, I’ll drop him off before school, pick him up after and also see him when work gets too rough.
  3. The principal caps the number of intake. So they have the required 1:3 ratio that is kept to or 1:5 ratio for other schools. But I believe they’ve always kept below the 1:3. The teachers would have more focus on the little ones.
  4. The teachers go the extra mile. Z hates the bottle. In other words, he doesn’t want to drink from it and feeding him is a challenge. So the teachers did all they can and tried ‘almost every trick in the book’. They finally resort to spoon feeding him! Omg! Imagine spoon feeding him for 80ml. I’m super grateful for them. So I would drop by every lunch to feed him, just to make sure he gets enough and give the teachers a break. 
  5. Z gets to expand his energy. Boys are generally more active. At least, that’s what I derived from all the mothers I know. Being at home, z doesn’t have a lot of space to move about and haven to watch him constantly is VERY CHALLENGING. In school, Z is usually on his tummy. With the rest of the kids. Sure, he doesn’t get all the attention but he’s comfortable exploring on his own. Something I feel quite happy with (I used to peek at him exploring and watch him till he sees me) because I feel that learning only happens when they explore. Within these 2 weeks, we can see his progression. Z can now move forward a lot faster and he would stretch to grab things.

The cons:

  1. They don’t allow outside food. So if Z starts on his solids, he can only eat their brown rice cereal. Until he progresses to porridge. So I’m holding it off at the moment. 
  2. They don’t do Saturday’s. In other words, the school is not open on Saturday. It’s not an issue with me but I believe it might be to some family.
  3. They don’t do half days too. So you can drop and pick baby any time from 7am -7pm. Their childcare fees are very straight forward. Just 1 type of fees ($1050 after subsidy). 
  4. It’s only an infant care. So once Z hits 18months, he will ‘graduate’ from this school and I’ll have to look for another. They are looking to expand to include childcare services (will update if they do).

So far, I’m really happy with Z being in school. Especially since he’s used to being handled by other care givers (except for his milk preference). Before I put him in Educa- zion, I didn’t find any reviews on it so I’m hoping this will be helpful.

Educa- Zion Group
Alexandra Retail Centre
460 Alexandra Road #03-04
Singapore 119963

Tel: 6274 0304


4 thoughts on “Educa- Zion Pte Ltd

  1. Hi, may I know if Z is still with Zion Babies at ARC? My baby will be going there next month so I hope to know how the centre is.

    Thanks much.

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