My Hair Loss Journey 

I wanted to share about this ages ago but I wanted to find a sustainable solution before I go further. 

I started realizing that I’m losing hair back in 2010. That was when I was pursuing my certification at the School of Theology. My classmates then remarked that my hair wasn’t growing and it was only then i noticed how my hair growth came to a standstill. Same length, no difference for months.

I couldn’t find a solution so I tried to use my conditioner more religiously and do home hair treatments. But it didn’t work. 

That’s when one of my good friends introduced me to her hairdresser. The nice lady saw my scalp and told me that I NEED to change my shampoo! It’s not doing any good to my hair. Prior to the visit, I was using a common store brand P*****e because of its sweet smell. She explained to me how some of these brands are really bad for our scalps and recommend some salon brands.

I did the shampoo switch and road to recovery begins. There are so many methods that I’ve tried and I wanted to share my experiences:

  1. Shampoo: salon brands (e.g. redken, nioxin) the shampoos actually helped me reduce the hair loss and my hair started to grow. But it wasn’t enough.
  2. Yunnan: I bought a Groupon voucher for their hair loss treatment. I went for their hair analysis and tried their treatment. But they were just interested in up selling their products. Pushy and honestly, I don’t see any difference in my hair after the treatment. 
  3. See doctor: Dr Eileen Tan – medical dematology. Her consultations cost $150 each. Her products cost A BOMB including some medicated shampoo, Rogaine. Honestly, I felt that it wasn’t all that helpful. Her products can be bought at a cheaper rate elsewhere. (Including pharmacies) I recommended my Sister in law to see her and she prescribed the exact same thing. It’s like …. There is no difference at all. Then she recommended going for laser (which costs even more!!) so I gave up.
  4. Hair salon scalp treatments: I’ve tried various hair salons. But I don’t really see a result after their treatment. Fair enough if it’s only 1 treatment session. It might not be fair to assess them. But if I were to compare my suggestion, I would definitely say that my recommendation had almost an immediate change.
  5. Bee Choo Origin: the first time I tried them. I smelt like I just jumped into a sea of herbs. Medical Chinese herbs. But I noticed that there wasn’t much hair dropping when I shower. The price, very affordable. It goes by your hair length. So you can cut your hair like me and pay for a cheaper treatment. Subsequently, sign a package and you lock in the price for 10 sessions. They will recommend you to do their treatment once a week. Until your hair starts to grow again. 

What I love about this 

  • is it’s really natural herbs. You can smell the Chinese herbs.
  • The sales people are not mean or pushy because they believe in their product.
  • Price is SUPER affordable. Cheaper than hair salons.
  • It’s really convenient for me since it’s near my home. 

I hope this helps. Please comment below if you have hair loss issues. Remember, don’t try to dodge the problem. 


2 thoughts on “My Hair Loss Journey 

  1. Babe…u can try another remedy introduced by a tcm when I went to see her for a sprained ankle.
    Milk plus black sesame and walnut.
    I tried and it works for me.
    I used Anlene milk powder plus black sesame powder without walnut powder cuz I couldn’t find walnut powder. 🙂

  2. Yoou can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work youu write.

    The sector hopes for morfe passionate writers such as youu who are not afraid to
    mention how they believe. At all times follow your heart.

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