Little black bag

Image from : Cooler bag

there is this little code amongst mothers (or something that I conjure up in my head). It’s when they carry this little bag while waiting for the traffic lights to turn red, while commuting on the buses and trains, while taking the elevator up to their offices. This little bag can be found on strollers in shopping malls but most of the time, it’s found on the arms of mothers. Persistent mothers who pump.

Ever since I became a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), I was one of the lucky few who managed to latch my first baby and build a supply for him. It was just too much hassle to wash, sterilize the bottles 6-8 times a day and having to feed baby from the bottle. Now that I’m transiting to become a FTWM (Full Time Working Mom), I recalled why I gave up pumping during my maternity leave. 

As I walked towards the train station today after dropping off Z, I watched all the professionals and executives walking towards me. All nicely donned in their pint striped pants, shirt, with makeup done. Looking all polished and clean. Here I am, a mother (clearly shown with the carrier on my waist), disheveled hair, loose t-shirt and shorts. I honestly couldn’t believe that I was one of those ladies just 8 months ago. 

It was then, that I spotted one of the fellow mothers, that carried this black bag. She was dressed smartly, looked sharp and honestly gorgeous. She had the right make up, the nicely combed hair and stylish clothes to go with. She walked with confidence. Carrying her Louie Vuitton bag, her laptop bag and this little black bag. This little black bag that contains liquid gold. 

I know that being able to reach that level of confidence isn’t there yet. But from now until then, I’ll try my best and take comfort that I’m not the only mom that does this. 


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